Get Full Insight in all your Data with Index Engines

The proliferation of unstructured data has created many new business challenges. Organizations are unaware of the information they have stored on their systems, which creates issues around security and compliance. Data must be retained due to legal obligations. But not knowing what information is stored on storage sources, including backup tapes, means not knowing what you need to protect, which is problematic in light of the EU’s GDPR and other regulations. Sorting out large unstructured datasets takes time and resources, however, resulting in a damaging ‘do nothing’ policy around their management.

In-Depth Overview of all your Data

Index Engines offers a software-based solution that helps managing environments ranging from 20 Terabytes to those that span upwards to petabytes. The unique solution offers in-depth coverage of all classes of storage, from active NAS to tape backup. Index Engines offers the resources needed to find, report and manage of all user-generated content within organizations. The insight provided by Index Engines allows for advanced services that improve security, data governance, archiving, migration and tiering.

Full Scalability, from TBs to PBs

The software platform offered by Index Engines is extremely scalable, making it a great fit for managed service providers to manage the data environments of their clients. It will help them streamline their environments by helping to remove redundant data that is no longer used and no longer needs to be retained for legal purposes. This can in some cases free up 70 to 90 percent of storage resources and minimizes the risk of preventable data leaks. This will lower data management costs significantly. Retained data is actively monitored and Index Engines gives a real-time overview of who is accessing the data, and for what purpose.

If you would like to know more about the platform offered by Index Engines, please contact us at InfraMotion. We are happy to inform you about all the details of the solution and set you up with experts who can help you determining your data management needs.