KompriseInfraMotion, a global provider of tailor made IT services, has closed a distribution deal with –Komprise, the industry leader in intelligent data management across clouds. Available to both Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as well as organizations running their own cloud environment, Komprise offers speed, efficiency and a fast Return on Investment.

Organizations have been struggling with data management for decades. The exponential growth of generated data has made matters even more complex. Lack of visibility, especially in the unstructured data of the business including documents and individual files, results in IT resources taken by unused data. Research shows that 60 to 80 percent of business data is ‘cold’ and has not been used for the last two years. At the same time, they take up expensive NAS storage resources.

Komprise offers a solution that can analyze complex data sets within 15 minutes after implementation. It shows the full nature of all the data within the company walls. Its advanced analytics engine enables users to create a detailed approximation of future data use by using storage usage patterns that span up to 15 years in the past. This helps administrators to carry out effective capacity planning and compile a detailed ROI overview. All this using a clear and simple user interface.

Using the analytics by Komprise, data can be automatically stored where it is most cost-effective. Mission critical data that needs to be accessible constantly is kept on the NAS for full and immediate accessibility. Cold data -data that has not been accessed for extensive periods of time- is instead moved to bulk storage options for retainment. That way it does not take up valuable active IT resources, while the business complies to all policies on data retention. Komprise is technology neutral and is compatible with all major NAS environment, including Isilon and NetAPP.

“We at InfraMotion are proud that we have added Komprise to our broad portfolio of technologies for MSPs and organizations running private clouds”, said Tjeerd Bloembergen. “Their technology solves a long-standing challenge, that has only become more pertinent with the exponential growth of data. Komprise will enable our partners to vastly improve their clients’ data efficiency and help them control their storage costs.”

The solutions of Komprise are available immediately.