We are thrilled to announce that Inframotion has opened a new office in the United Kingdom.

The UK is large market, and has a strong focus on IT asset recovery. In addition to this, new vendors often initially establish themselves in the UK. Together, this creates a host of opportunities to source hardware that isn’t commonly used in the rest of Europe, allowing Inframotion to provide a gateway to the mainland for British vendors.

Located near Monmouth, the new UK office will be managed by Andrew Hammond. Andy has more than 15 years of experience in building strategic partnerships within the ICT sector, giving him access to a broad professional network. Together with the rest of Team Inframotion, Andy stands ready to help optimize the IT investments of British resellers and service providers. As Andy explains:

“Establishing Inframotion as a genuine, value-added distributor here in the UK will be my main objective in the coming years. Thanks to the proven Inframotion business model, we can quickly create new routes to market for our authorised product portfolio, as well as our independent products. This gives us a very strong competitive head start.”

To accelerate the growth of Inframotion’s UK presence, we’re looking for new sales talent. If your 2019 resolution is to seek new challenges and work as part of an exciting and growing team, be sure to contact us via info@inframotion.nl. We welcome the opportunity to discover what we can do together!