Help Clients Slash their Data Cost with Komprise

Organizations have been struggling with data management for decades, and the exponential growth of generated data has made matters even more complex. Lack of visibility, especially in the unstructured data of the business including documents and individual files, results in IT resources used up by unused data. Research shows that 60 to 80 percent of business data is ‘cold’ and has not been used for the last two years. At the same time, they take up expensive NAS storage resources, such as NetAPP or Isilon. Not only does this result in higher costs, it is also detriment to the compute power during backup and recovery, and it makes backup windows long, and unnecessarily expensive. Over the years, suggested solutions to this challenge are complex and inefficient, while also impossible to implement without the risk of data loss.

Data where it Belongs

Komprise is a cloud solution that offers full management possibilities for your customer’s storage environments. Frequently accessed data remains accessible from the high performance NAS, while cold files are automatically moved to cheaper hardware or cloud environments. Users will remain compliant to data retention regulations, while the primary storage can be fully committed to the core business. Komprise is a cloud solution that is implemented without causing any disruption or added complexity, whether in a private cloud or a public cloud, including those of Cloudian and AWS.

Komprise is Fast, Efficient and has a Quick ROI

Komprise can analyse complex data sets within 10 to 15 minutes after implementation. It offers immediate and full visibility in the use frequency of files in the context of your specific environment. Komprise can also calculate data use patterns of the past 15 years and show a detailed approximation of future data use. This helps administrators to compile a detailed ROI overview, and all this using a clear and simple user interface.

Komprise is vendor independent and therefore offers full interoperability with NetAPP, Isilon and Windows Server, among others. Komprise creates no lock-in, and data is fully accessible both from your original NAS and your cloud or object targets.

If you would like to know more about Komprise, don’t hesitate to contact InfraMotion. We will gladly inform you about the features that Komprise brings to the table, and we can show you a live demo of the solution. You will know immediately why Komprise will be an excellent addition to your portfolio.

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