Acquisition and Sale of Hardware and Software

Inframotion offers hardware and software along with full vendor support. Solutions are offered as managed services at a fixed price per month. Inframotion can guarantee very competitive pricing and terms for proven solutions thanks to our extensive network of highly reputable partners.

Due to our independence, the consultants of Inframotion are always able to give a complete overview of all the possibilities that conform to your needs. This makes Inframotion a true one stop shop for service providers, telecom companies and end users.

Inframotion’s services are fully tailored to your needs. We can extend the life of your IT environment, which minimizes your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and assist you in supporting a sustainable society.

Inframotion recycles obsolete hardware, or disposes of it responsibly. This helps you to comply with Corporate Social Responsibility.


Combined, our team brings more than 50 years of experience in IT infrastructures and services to the table.

Tjeerd Bloembergen

As a founder of that company in 2002, Tjeerd Bloembergen built up Databasement to become one of the most important solution providers for data management in the Benelux and Spain. Bloembergen stayed on as Business Unit Manager after Databasement became part of storage specialist PROACT. Next, Bloembergen became CEO at Redsocks Security, a specialist provider of solutions for network security and threat detection.

Today, Bloembergen is one of two partners at Inframotion, together with Floris Tóth. Their combined experience in IT allows them to offer tailor made services to the market.

Floris Tóth

Floris Tóth started his career as account manager at a global provider of education management services. He specialized in the acquisition of networking equipment and business development, and would become sales director at GHS, part of the Infotheek Group. He applied and expanded his knowledge further at value-added reseller Network Republic as sales director, where he took up the responsibility for sales of new and refurbished IT equipment to customers ranging from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies.

As a consultant he has also shared his expertise on maximizing revenue, optimizing cost, match making and lead generation, and fact finding and quality control.