Support & Testing

Our team offers first, second and third line support for every application. Our Q&A processes ensure the highest quality of your own software upon delivery. We can also use our tests for applications developed by a third party. In such cases, Inframotion acts as an independent and objective auditor.

Softwaretests by Inframotion

Inframotion can extensively test applications and manage software development processes. Our tests provide certainty that the software does what it should do, without a hitch.


The tests start in an early phase. Inframotion develops prototypes that give a good idea of ​​the final application. The prototype interface can be a simple graphical representation of an application, but it’s also possible to set up an interactive, clickable variant. This way project managers can get a good sense of how the software works in practice.

Functional tests

In the final phase we perform functional tests. This goes beyond just finding bugs. Our specialists test the latest version of the software in a virtual environment that approaches the final environment. This makes it possible to detect potential problems at an early stage.