Inframotion opens new office in the UK

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We are thrilled to announce that Inframotion has opened a new office in the United Kingdom.

The UK is large market, and has a strong focus on IT asset recovery. In addition to this, new vendors often initially establish themselves in the UK. Together, this creates a host of opportunities to source hardware that isn’t commonly used in the rest of Europe, allowing Inframotion to provide a gateway to the mainland for British vendors.

Located near Monmouth, the new UK office will be managed by Andrew Hammond. Andy has more than 15 years of experience in building strategic partnerships within the ICT sector, giving him access to a broad professional network. Together with the rest of Team Inframotion, Andy stands ready to help optimize the IT investments of British resellers and service providers. As Andy explains:

“Establishing Inframotion as a genuine, value-added distributor here in the UK will be my main objective in the coming years. Thanks to the proven Inframotion business model, we can quickly create new routes to market for our authorised product portfolio, as well as our independent products. This gives us a very strong competitive head start.”

To accelerate the growth of Inframotion’s UK presence, we’re looking for new sales talent. If your 2019 resolution is to seek new challenges and work as part of an exciting and growing team, be sure to contact us via We welcome the opportunity to discover what we can do together!

InfraMotion adds Sophisticated Data Management and Analysis Software of Index Engines to Portfolio

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logo_index_enginesInfraMotion, a global provider of tailor made IT services, has added the data search, indexing and management solution of Information Management company Index Engines to its portfolio. Index Engines offers a software-based solution that helps manage environments ranging from 20TB all the way up to enterprises with several Petabytes of unstructured data.

Because of the exponential growth of unstructured data, organizations are unaware of the exact information they have stored on their systems. This creates issues around security and compliance, including finding and managing personal data for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). However, sorting out large unstructured datasets takes time and resources, often resulting in a damaging ‘do nothing’ policy around their management.

The unique solution of Index Engines offers in-depth coverage of all classes of storage, from active NAS to legacy tape backup. Index Engines offers the resources needed to find, report and manage of all user-generated content within organizations. The insight provided by Index Engines allows for advanced services that improve security, data governance, archiving, migration and tiering.

The platform is extremely scalable, making it a great fit for managed service providers to manage the data environments of their clients. The software helps streamline environments of organizations by helping to remove redundant data that is no longer used and no longer needs to be retained for legal purposes while enabling sensitive data with retention requirements to be found and tiered into an integrated archive. Active Directory integration allows reporting by department and a look into who can access what department’s data “The technology of Index Engines is truly unique and has a proven track record.” says Tjeerd Bloembergen, founding partner at InfraMotion. “Thanks to their fast and comprehensive data analysis, Index Engines can allow MSPs to free up valuable storage resources at their customers, sometimes even to the tune of 40 to 60 percent. This lowers data management costs significantly and can prevent many data leaks.”

InfraMotion will be global distributor of the platform for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) effective immediately.

InfraMotion Partners with Komprise for Advanced Management of Unstructured Data

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KompriseInfraMotion, a global provider of tailor made IT services, has closed a distribution deal with –Komprise, the industry leader in intelligent data management across clouds. Available to both Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as well as organizations running their own cloud environment, Komprise offers speed, efficiency and a fast Return on Investment.

Organizations have been struggling with data management for decades. The exponential growth of generated data has made matters even more complex. Lack of visibility, especially in the unstructured data of the business including documents and individual files, results in IT resources taken by unused data. Research shows that 60 to 80 percent of business data is ‘cold’ and has not been used for the last two years. At the same time, they take up expensive NAS storage resources.

Komprise offers a solution that can analyze complex data sets within 15 minutes after implementation. It shows the full nature of all the data within the company walls. Its advanced analytics engine enables users to create a detailed approximation of future data use by using storage usage patterns that span up to 15 years in the past. This helps administrators to carry out effective capacity planning and compile a detailed ROI overview. All this using a clear and simple user interface.

Using the analytics by Komprise, data can be automatically stored where it is most cost-effective. Mission critical data that needs to be accessible constantly is kept on the NAS for full and immediate accessibility. Cold data -data that has not been accessed for extensive periods of time- is instead moved to bulk storage options for retainment. That way it does not take up valuable active IT resources, while the business complies to all policies on data retention. Komprise is technology neutral and is compatible with all major NAS environment, including Isilon and NetAPP.

“We at InfraMotion are proud that we have added Komprise to our broad portfolio of technologies for MSPs and organizations running private clouds”, said Tjeerd Bloembergen. “Their technology solves a long-standing challenge, that has only become more pertinent with the exponential growth of data. Komprise will enable our partners to vastly improve their clients’ data efficiency and help them control their storage costs.”

The solutions of Komprise are available immediately.

Why you need to be prepared for the circular economy

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Circular economy

Source: BGS Studios

The circular economy might come across as something that currently attracts a lot of buzz, but does not gain much traction in practice. IT is riddled with buzzwords, and this might be one of them. Or so many professionals seem to think. The truth is that the circular economy has become an expectation. Not just from the authorities, who want to promote green policies and reduce electronic waste, but also from end customers. Their interest is to both cut costs and practice social responsibility. This development will increasingly influence IT procurement strategies. To assist you in dealing with these changes, we’ve answered three common questions about the circular economy.

What is the circular economy?

You already know about, and probably have first-hand experience with, the circular economy in consumer markets. Recycling, use of biodegradable materials and using ‘waste’ as a resource for something else –think the way compost works, for example– are all elements of the circular economy. Basically, you are looking at anything that does away with the ‘produce, consume, dispose’ order of things. Instead, a product is either fully re-used, does not produce any waste, or the waste is used as a resource for another product.

In the context of IT, the main challenge is that a various array of metals are used in the hardware, especially in the circuitry and chips. Some of these are rare and valuable. Gold, silver and platinum spring to mind. Others are downright toxic, like lead and arsenic. It is therefore crucial to maximize the lifespan of hardware and recycle as much of it as possible. To minimize cost, but also to answer to environmental concerns. For this reason, Inframotion takes the circular economy very seriously.

How feasible is the circular economy?

The good news is that the circular economy is making inroads. According to the World Economic Forum, the idea has moved past being just a proof of concept and is having its influence on current economic models. A number of large corporations have added circular principles to their business models, including accurate measurements of use data and offering their goods as services rather than products to maximize the lifespan.

Inframotion supports these green initiatives by offering alternative ways of IT consumption. While it is still possible to buy hardware and software, we also offer possibilities of renting or leasing IT solutions. We also facilitate recycling of hardware, as systems that are obsolete in one market can still be very usable in another. And if such a solution is not available, we make sure that all discarded hardware is stripped of reusable materials, while toxic metals are carefully disposed of so they don’t end up in the environment.

Who demands a circular approach?

It is not just the governments that increasingly demand greener corporate policies, even though legislation remains an important driver for responsible lifecycle and waste management. A growing number of businesses are realizing that a policy of corporate social responsibility reflects well on them and improves their overall standing in the market. Supporting the circular economy is an important part of that.

Conversely, not abiding to standards in line with corporate social responsibilities will cause negative fallout. They have started to surpass governments on this front, becoming more proactive even if legislation is not fully up to date yet. Social pressure, rather than political pressure, is becoming the main reason for companies to go into CSR. That is not to say governments have no role in this. Most governments, including the European Union, keep on encouraging businesses to take corporate social responsibility seriously. And so they should.

Going full circle

By maximizing lifecycle of equipment and recycling (or properly disposing of) used IT equipment, we can reduce what is currently the fastest growing waste stream in Europe. Through this, Inframotion helps clients meet both their social and business aspirations while contributing to a truly circular economy.

If you’d like to learn more about what Inframotion can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Three ways inframotion helps reduce your IT-costs

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When looking for IT support services to optimize your IT-budget, you will notice that the pricing of solutions can differ wildly between providers. This is mostly due to differences in sourcing, channel management and added services. The way IT support service providers go about these differences can have a lot of impact on your bottom line. Inframotion, for example, is able to reduce costs up to 40 percent. Today we’ll take a closer look at how we achieve these kinds of results.

International sourcing
Let’s start with the effect of sourcing on the price. When customers are bound to local suppliers, they are limited to whatever deal these suppliers have going on. But markets differ from country to country, which means the solution or service you require might be found for a better price across borders. When you only have access to suppliers from just a few countries, you are unable to take advantage of these price differences.

Inframotion takes a global approach in sourcing solutions. This enables us to offer the best solutions for the most favorable prices. The same goes for support. Like others, we provide full vendor support on new equipment. But because we source it globally, we can get the best price regardless of geographic location.

Focus on a healthy channel
A large part of a vendor’s client base consists of resellers and MSPs. These partners add specialist knowledge and personal relationships to the mix that vendors and distributors would struggle to build up themselves. However, in some cases distributors and vendors will try to gain short term opportunity by bypassing partners. This may seem tempting. But more often than not, vendors don’t have the skills or additional services that a reseller or MSP can offer you. Vendors can also be extremely rigid, leaving no flexibility for customers to pursue their own strategy. This can make the Total Cost of Ownership of your solution higher than you anticipated.

Inframotion chooses a consistent and healthy channel strategy and handles all sales of products and services through partners. We support resellers and MSPs to win new deals and generate more margins, but also to cut costs by working with you to get the best deals.

Don’t forget end-of-lifecycle cost
Additional services usually come at increased costs. Unfortunately, this often also applies to services that you need if you want to fulfill your business needs. A prominent example is the fate of obsolete hardware after a technology refresh or IT environment update. In today’s data-sensitive and circular economy, certified data wipes and proper disposal are essential elements of asset and risk management.

These and other essential services are part of the standard offering of Inframotion – no hidden financial surprises down the line. We help maximize the lifecycle of your IT equipment and facilitate the resale of used systems. If resale is not viable, we look at how the hardware can at least be stripped of parts and materials for recycling. All according to the rules of corporate social responsibility, of course.

It doesn’t end here
There are more ways that Inframotion helps reduce costs and grow your business. Because we offer tailor made solutions, there’s always a way we can increase your profitability. If you’d like to know more about how Inframotion can help, feel free to contact us.

Five things to consider when procuring an IT support services provider

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The success of your IT environment doesn’t only depend on getting the right hard- and software at a cost-effective price. It also depends on the support services you get during the entire lifecycle of the chosen solution. Not only do you need technical support in case things fail, you also need to be able to react quickly to any changes in your business needs. Choosing the right IT service support provider is therefore nothing to sneeze at.

Commitments made by these providers can appear similar, such as 24/7 support all year round and fast turnaround times. However, IT support services are hardly a commodity and there can be vast differences between offerings. So how do you procure the right provider? Here are five considerations when selecting the one best suited for you:

  1. Hardware supply access
    Fast turnaround times are crucial when dealing with IT failures. Considering that IT is an increasingly critical part of organizations, the time an IT service can be down before it becomes a significant cost burden is often extremely limited. If a system cannot be fixed on the spot, it needs to be replaced within time range specified by the SLA you have agreed on. Some IT support service providers however act as pure intermediaries between the client and the equipment vendors. If something goes wrong, they simply refer the client to the vendor’s service desk. Others, such as Inframotion, have direct access to replacements and spare parts, ensuring a faster resolution of incidents that require repairs.
  2. Single point of service
    Some IT support services providers specialize in certain types of IT solutions, while others only work with a limited number of vendors. But IT environments are increasingly mixed, meaning that systems that depend on each other don’t necessarily come from the same supplier. To make matter worse, each system might be covered by a different support desk. This makes it very likely that each desk will refer to another when you call them to solve a problem. It is therefore wise to choose a support service that encompasses your IT environment as a whole, or at least is able to cover the vast majority of solutions that you are using. For example, Inframotion can act as a single point of service, thereby streamlining your support processes.
  3. Vendor (in)dependency
    As mentioned before, some providers purely focus on specific technology vendors. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it can become an issue when planning for the future. When new business needs arise, providers with just a few vendors in their portfolio can only offer solutions available at those suppliers, But these are not necessarily the solutions that are best for the customers. Service providers that are independent, however, can operate with the needs of the clients as their primary consideration. Inframotion fits into that last category, as we offer vendor support from virtually all major IT suppliers.
  4. Geographical spread
    Not all markets are equal. Vendors that are leaders in one country might be a fringe player or even totally absent in another. If your own operations are limited to one market and there are no plans to expand beyond borders, this might not be an issue. But any international venture will shake up things on the IT support front as well. Providers such as Inframotion facilitate this kind of expansion by offering services internationally. This provides you with a consistent level of support across all your locations, allowing you to focus on your core business.
  5. Variety of support levels
    The IT market is extremely dynamic. The needs of the business change constantly and so do the possibilities that IT offers. As a consequence, getting support services that fits your needs is a challenge. Providers differ in the support packages they offer. Some, including Inframotion, are even able to tailor it to your specific needs. Also keep in mind that if a provider offers a wider variety of support levels, they are more likely to cater to any changes in your IT environment if needed.

The bottom line
The ideal IT support service depends heavily on your specific business and organization. But because of our comprehensive portfolio and experience, Inframotion can act as a true one-stop-shop for your IT support needs. If you’re looking for a partner to help your business grow and improve, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assess your needs and provide a solution that best fits your environment.

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