Lease, Finance and Managed Services

Rapidly changing markets mean that businesses are more dependent on their IT in terms of flexibility and technology. This poses a huge challenge for them. Systems and software need to be refreshed constantly even when buying and implementation costs are high. In addition to this, specialised systems need specialised people to manage them, something most businesses struggle to afford, while actual business success is never fully guaranteed. The associated financial and technical risks can become too great.

Inframotion offers organisations the opportunity fully organise IT environment to the needs of the business while maintaining full financial responsibility. Our consultants assist you in shaping IT acquisition strategies, whilst also offering the possibility to fully manage the IT infrastructure. While our specialists take care of the optimal operation of the IT, staff can fully concentrate on the core business of the organisation. At the same time, full control is retained thanks to the flexibility.

Inframotion offers in its service offering. Inframotion also offers services for cost effective and responsible processing of hardware after the end of the life span. We offer buy-back, sell-on or disposal according to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and EU directives.


For many businesses, acquisition of new hardware and software can become a major challenge due to high costs, even when the new system is vital to the strategy of the organisation. Large capital expenditure can also result in at least some measure of lock-in, while replacing older systems only comes into play when finances allow it, even when changing circumstances demand a high degree of IT flexibility.

At Inframotion you can choose to lease IT solutions instead of buying them. Capital expenditure switches to operational expenditure, leaving businesses with the flexibility needed to react to new market developments. Any risk associated with residual value and depreciation will also be transferred to Inframotion.


The complexity of IT means the choice between buying, renting or leasing systems and software becomes a challenge. Businesses sometimes need to run advanced applications on owned, conventional hardware that comes with high purchasing costs. Other enterprises prefer to buy a full all-in-one solution without having to worry about integration of hardware and software. The third group prefers its full IT to be managed by a specialised third party.

The finance options offered by Inframotion can be fully tailored to specific needs and circumstances. Hardware, software and services can be purchased or leased and there’s a choice whether or not the services are fully managed. The flexibility this provides enables a full offering that is financially responsible and is tailored to exacting needs. Contracts are fully flexible and allow you to react to any changes in your core markets.

Managed Services

Out Managed Services allow businesses to fully concentrate on their core business. These services include day to day management of IT as well as acquisition strategy and overall IT organisation. Our consultants offer support in financing, giving access to the IT that is needed whilst keeping costs under control. Inframotion keeps IT up to date by applying all relevant updates and needed upgrades.