Purchase and resale of Hardware and Software

IT complexity challenges managers trying to fulfill their hardware and software needs. On top of that, high capital expenses lower the agility organizations have in their markets. A much needed change of direction is often marred by legacy entrenched in the IT infrastructure. Regulations require the sustainable disposal of obsolete systems, allowing for recycling. This means the possibility of unforeseen complications when purchasing new IT solutions and/or the disposal of hardware when refreshing IT assets.

Inframotion collaborates with you team to plan the purchase of new hardware and software. Based on your exact needs, our consultants apply their deep knowledge of the IT market to buy the right solutions for the right price. We guarantee that you receive the best available solutions and independent advices through our partnerships with multiple leading vendors. We help lower your TCO.

Inframotion looks beyond the lifecycle products by fully factoring in your growth ambitions and offering assistance whenever needed. We also manage the responsible disposal and recycling of obsolete systems, as well as the sale of systems that you no longer need.

Installation and Implementation

High precision is crucial when implementing new solutions, especially since organizations demand more of their IT environment. This can create a barrier for managers to start new projects, even if they are vital to the health of the business. High costs and the risks associated with new IT are the main causes for this.

Inframotion offers installation and implementation of both hardware and software. We offer certified professionals who guarantee the solutions help attain the goals set by the organization. Inframotion helps you minimize turnaround and adds years of experience on large IT implementations to your team.

Always Full Vendor Support

New hardware and software are associated with rising costs, even though it is often not needed to acquire completely new systems. The rise of software based solutions has added new possibilities to use refurbished hardware instead.

Inframotion delivers and implements IT infrastructures. We guarantee the implementation and perfect service and support, including full support from the vendor.

Lifecycle and Recycling

Rules and regulations on disposal of obsolete IT equipment are getting stricter. At the same time, businesses need to comply with Corporate Social Responsibility. Proper disposal and processing of obsolete equipment has become a crucial part of the IT infrastructure lifecycle. In many cases, ‘obsolete’ equipment does not mean the hardware is no longer usable. Disposed systems can still be of value for users in different markets. Effective sales of this hardware can dramatically lower costs.

The Inframotion Refurbish Center manages recycling or disposal of obsolete equipment according to the tennets of Corporate Social Responsibility. We offer free valuation for your obsolete equipment, giving you an exact insight in the cost savings during a hardware refresh. Please send a mail to sales@Inframotion.nl for more information.